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Our Long History

Now we can fast forward to the year 1984.  Mr. Sanders was ready to travel around the country in his converted greyhound bus but hated the thought of seeing his dream end.  That's when he convinced his youngest brother Dwight Sanders and his son-in-law Harold Miller to continue on as Miller and Sanders Construction Company.  Dwight and Harold expanded into larger markets and took on larger projects.


In 1993 Dwight retired and Harold bought Dwight’s portion of the company.  That’s how Miller Contractors, Inc. was born.  Not long after that Harold’s youngest son, Collin, joined his father "officially” at Miller Contractors, Inc.    You see, Collin had always worked with Harold during the summer and on the weekends and was a familiar face on the job sites.  With thousands of hours spent helping his dad, Collin knew without a doubt he was born to grow this company into something even bigger and better.  Collin joined Harold as a partner at the age of 18.  By the time Collin was 20 he was a fully vested partner in Miller Contractors, Inc. 


Today Harold is semi-retired, but you can find him almost any day of the week on a job site.  He loves to bring his two grandsons to ride along with him whether he is driving a tractor or operating a trackhoe.  Miller Contractors, Inc. has grown from the vision of Mr. Sanders into a cutting edge third generation construction company. 


With Collin Miller leading the way, the future of Miller Contractors, Inc. is bright.  We’ve expanded our fleet to include cutting edge technology but we still hold tight to the old-fashioned values of our founder.  Integrity and honesty continue to set the benchmark of our company.  Today, although modern and innovative, we still have very deep roots in the communities in which we live and serve.


Our Founder

Paul Sanders 1926-2017

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